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Red Acre Farms

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

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Red Acre Farm’s chicken wings are a beloved culinary canvas and we love them for their irresistible combination of tender meat and crispy skin. Whether you're tossing them in spicy buffalo sauce for a game day treat, marinating them in teriyaki for a savory appetizer, or grilling them to smoky perfection, our chicken wings always hit the mark. They are the ultimate finger food for gatherings, parties, or just a fun snack. With their endless potential for creativity and the satisfaction of messy, finger-licking goodness, our chicken wings are a must-have for any culinary enthusiast's repertoire.

Our chickens are raised on lush pastures, enjoying a diet of organic grains and foraged bugs. The poultry is raised and harvested on our farm. They live a stress-free life free from antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and pesticides.

Each chicken wing pack contains 8 chicken wing pieces averaging about 1lb total, is vacuum sealed and labeled with safe handling instructions. 

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