Collection: Pasture Raised Heritage Pork

Our pasture pork shares are raised in 2 yearly batches. We tend to sell out quickly with each batch. Typical harvest schedule is in October/November and April/May each year. We only raise a limited number in each harvest batch and recommend you pre-order your pork for you family. Our pork prices include processing and smoked meats such as bacon, links sausage, and ham steaks.

Our average whole pork share are as such: Average Yield = 90-100lbs of meat for your freezer broken down into approximately 20lb Boston Butt, 8lbs smoked ham slices, 16lb boneless chops, 12lb bacon, 6lb ground pork, 6lb bulk sausage, 6lb smoked link sausage, 2 whole tenderloins, 2 spare rib racks, 2 baby back racks, and some ham hock seasoning slices.

Our average half pork share would be about 1/2 of each of the above quantities.

All items will come vacuum sealed and frozen from the processor. We will arrange the exact pickup date once we are within 30 days of harvest with the processor. You will be expected to pickup your pork from our farm on the pickup date the processor gives us. If for some reason you cannot pickup on that day, we have limited freezer space for the pork and will have an added storage and handling fee of $30 per week. If your order is not picked up after 30 days your deposit will be forfeited and your product will be sold to the next person on our list.