Secure Healthy, Clean, Nutritionally Dense Food for Your Family in 2024

"Guarantee a freezer full of nutrient dense food for your family in 2024"

How Our Program Works

Want to secure a freezer full of chicken for your family in 2024? Our "Chicken for a Year" program is just the ticket. We only have 8 available slots in this program for 2024 and will sell out quickly. Secure your family's supply of fresh, organically fed, pasture raised chicken now.

Our chickens are packed with flavor and nutrients. They are the best tasting chickens you have ever had. A clean, nutritionally dense choice for your family. Secure that possibility in 2024! Your family and taste buds will thank you. We recommend 60 chickens for a family of four or more and 30 chickens for smaller families. You have a few options to choose from:

Option 1) Select 30 or 60 chickens as whole chickens

Option 2) Select 30 or 60 chickens as half whole and half cut up

Option 3) Selects 30 or 60 chickens as all cut up

Our cut up options will be parted out into boneless skinless chicken
breast, bone-in-skin on thighs, legs, wings, and tenders. Each will come vacuum sealed with 2 breasts per bag, 2 thighs per bag, 4 legs per bag, 8 wings per bag, and 8 tenders per bag. This gives you ultimate
flexibility in how to use your chickens in recipes.

Exclusive Offer for "Chicken for a Year" Members

Each "Chicken for a Year" member we will receive an exclusive 10% off discount valid for one of our seasonal turkeys. What a great way to secure your chicken and save on your Holiday dinner.

  • Jane T.

    "These are the best tasting chickens I have ever experienced, and knowing they are allocated for my family for the year is priceless."

  • Kelly H.

    "We are so thankful to know our freezer is filled with delicious chicken for the year."

  • Taylor W.

    "We enjoy having this planned out for us and knowing in just a couple trips to Red Acre Farm we have enough chicken for the entire year"

"Organically Fed. Pasture Raised. Harvested on Farm."

We started our journey to grow clean healthy food for our family with a goal of securing food freedom from the grocery store. We wanted to find a way out of the broken food system. Our results were so amazing we knew we had to share this amazing product with others. We know there are other families just like ours that are trying to break free of the grocery store and source local, clean, healthy options. Join us in our journey and you can be one the select few to be included in our "Chicken for a Year" bundle for 2024.

"Chicken for a Year" FAQs

When will I receive my products?

We will contact your as your harvest date approaches to let you know what days pickup will be. Our chickens will be freshly harvested and timely pickup is necessary.

What size chickens will I receive?

Chicken sizes will vary per bird but will reflect the average of the entire batch harvest for that day. We tend to average 4.5lbs per bird in a year. Cooler weather months yield larger birds and warmer weather months yield slightly smaller birds.

How many chickens should I get?

We recommend 60 chickens for families of four or more and 30 chickens for less than four.

How much freezer space do I need?

You will need a small freezer. The great news is we split up the year into 3-4 harvests for you so you don't have to worry. We suggest having 2-3cu. ft. of freezer space available when you pickup.

Are you certified organic?

No, we are not USDA certified organic. Our poultry is fed an organic feed. We never spray our pastures and do not use synthetic fertilizers, just nature.

Are your products NON-GMO?

All of our poultry is fed an organic feed free from GMO products.

Our pork is not GMO free, but we feed a specially blended, locally grown feed that we pickup fresh each month directly from the feed mill.

Do you ship your products?

No, we currently only do on farm pickup.

What if I am unable to pickup on the scheduled days?

We have limited freezer space available here on the farm so please make all efforts to pick up your order. We understand sometimes you are not able to make it. In the event you can't make it, we will freeze your birds for a freeze fee of $10 and freezer storage fee of $5 per day until you can pickup your order.

How can I get the liver, heart, gizzard, backbones, neck and/or feet?

We typically sell these items individually from each harvest. If you would like these items included in your "Chicken for a Year" program please reach out to us once you place your order and let us know. We charge an additional fee for these items.

Red Acre Farm

It is such a pleasure to know that you chose us to provide clean, nutrient dense food for your family. We are glad to be partnered with you on this journey and look forward to carefully raising your chickens on our farm, especially to the day that our products make it "From our Farm to Your Table!"